Working With What You’ve Got – New Blog Tips

I’m pretty sure we’ve all dealt with feeling worried about not being good enough when it comes to blogging. Are our pictures going to look good enough? Will our posts be interesting enough? Am I going to have to spend buy the most extravagant things to make sure my blog is perfect enough? Questions, questions, questions.

Let’s be honest though, like everything else in life it’s all relative. Things you’d like to read probably aren’t going to be the same things your neighbours want to read. I’ve looked at some pieces of art and wondered what the artist was thinking, whereas others have looked at the same piece of art and felt inspired. It’s all down to preference and odds are if you find what you’re writing interesting or useful someone else out there is too.

Find the right people and stick with them. 
This doesn’t just go for blogging, but that’s a whole other post we’ve got for ourselves. There is something for everyone, with so many brilliant bloggers and readers nowadays and an abundance of diversity your content is going to appeal to someone. Not everyone is going to love what you do, as long as do it carry on.

Work with what you’ve got.
This is the most important tip for myself. I’ve started a blog before but I stopped because I wanted everything to be as perfect as they could be before I had even started. This time around, however, I just decided to use the tools I had. We’ve all got flat surfaces in our homes that we use for pictures and I had an old cream throw, which I am now using for flat lays. You could always take a look on Pinterest for flat lay ideas or pictures.

Try not to compete or compare.
In life we regularly compare ourselves to anyone doing something similar to us. I’ve been trying not to do this when it comes to blogging, because so often you’ll be looking at someone else and wanting that they have and someone may just as well be looking at your content and wishing the same thing. Just stay original and true to yourself 

Do what makes you happy.
I’ve found it helpful to blog about what I would want to read about. Luckily being pregnant I’m not going to be short on things to write about anytime soon. I’m generally a nosy person, so anything that gives me an sneak look into someone else’s life is fun for me to read. If taking pictures and writing blogs about the burn life of a candle makes you happy, then write about it! Bloggers should be doing this ourselves as well as other people.

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, it means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.

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  1. This post is brilliant! Yes we all want likes and comments but if we aren’t happy with the content we produce just because it is popular maybe we need to re think what we are doing!!!

  2. These are amazing tips, especially doing what makes you happy. I think that’s the reason why I’ve been sticking to blogging this time around as I’m finally writing about the things that make me happy instead of what I think others would want to see and what would grow my blog faster.

  3. My blog was ready to launch for 2 months before I actually got the courage to launch it. I was so nervous and it was not as good as other bloggers’ sites… But I decided what the heck and went for it! To date, no regrets! 🙂 thanks for the lovely and positive post! xx

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