A Letter To Our Daughter – International Women’s Day 2018

Since it’s International Women’s Day and Year Of The Woman I thought it would be appropriate to post this short letter I wrote, dedicated to our little girl while she’s growing in my tummy.

Happiness. The main thing I can hope for you is happiness, especially since that’s what you’ve brought to our lives since we found out about you. To think we love you this much now and that’s only going to get stronger when we finally meet you is hard to imagine. You’ve brought strength and meaning to our lives more than you’ll ever know.

You’re already brilliant, strong and resilient. We can’t wait to see you and discover who you are going to be, with you. Life is going to come at you so fast, but we’ll be here every second. You’ll never be alone, you’ll always be wanted. If you’re ever down, we’ll be here to lift you up.

Be good. Be kind. Be you.

We love you,

Always and forever x

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    1. Thanks lovely. It’s sort, but I think it really captures how feel about her already. She really is. Thank you so much for reading and commenting x

    2. Thanks. It’s short, but I feel it captures the way I feel about her already. She really is. Thank-you for commenting x

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