Benefit BadGAL BANG! Review

Benefit BadGAL BANG! Volumizing mascara has been around everywhere lately. I’ve seen so many mixed reviews and I desperately needed a new mascara (my old mascara was starting to smell like a skunk that had been locked in a room with only onions and cabbage as company, luxurious I know).

I enjoy makeup, I’m terrible at it, a half assed terrible to say the least. I hardly ever prime and I think I’ve curled my eyelashes as many as five times my whole life and that’s going back over ten years (when I was in school and loved my foundation ten times darker and much more orange than my actual skin tone).

I really did want to try this one, the wand is the typical style I enjoy. My money strapped backside hiked on down to Boots to pick one up for myself. £21.50! I don’t think I’ve ever paid over £10 for a mascara and even that is pushing it, but you know if this mascara gives me pretty looking lashes with the minimal effort I put in I’m all for it.


Here’s the thing though, it didn’t. The first time I tried it I noticed how wet the formula is which didn’t bother, because who cares how it is in the tube? I’m more here for what it’s going to look like on my lashes.

This product claims to be a smudge-proof, water resistant, volumizing mascara. The first day I wore this mascara I was living for it, it was definitely living up the volumizing side of it. This fantastic mascara was lightweight and before I left the house had made my eyelashes thicker and darker (a lot like most of my body hair since falling pregnant! Tmi?) yes, this was the one for me, never again would I use another mascara because wow was I seeing the difference! That was until I looked in a mirror after being out for a couple of hours. I now looked like I’d slept in my makeup (which I do a lot, sorry). I’ve got pretty watery eyes, so that definitely added to the smokey under eye mascara effect that had taken place. Smudge-proof and water resistant it is not!

After a couple of days of using it the initial spark had gone too, it didn’t look as volumizing on my eyes as I thought it did and the runny smudging just wasn’t slowing down. I’m thinking we can put that down to my overall general disappointment making me a little more than underwhelmed.


Silly me should’ve thought ahead and picked up the mini version, which in comparison to the £21.50 for the larger version, is only £10.50. If you’re looking to try it, then I’d certainly advice that’s what you could do.

Of course this is just my opinion, my lesser than mediocre makeup skills were not impressed though. I’d probably give this mascara a 3 out of 5.
I’m just mainly let down by the fact it’s 100% not smudge-proof. If you’re looking for something that you don’t have to apply layers and layer of for some difference, then maybe give it a test.


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  1. Thank you for an honest review! I was so tempted to try this but have heard so many bad things that I’m going to avoid it! I recently bought the maybelline lash sensation and this is the first time I have bought a cheaper mascara and I LOVE it!! Xx

    1. I usually use maybelline mascara, they’ve always been my go to. Thought I’d step out of my comfort zone and try something higher end… I’ll definitely be steering clear of unknown mascara now, haha. Thanks for commenting Laura! Xx

    1. This is actually the first higher end product I’ve bought. It’s not awful. If, like me, you don’t have money to waste/spare then I’d definitely go for a cheaper brand and still get the same results x

  2. I received this in a smaller size (I don’t know the difference between sample and mini as I’m a bit like you and clueless with makeup lol) in my Birchbox this month and am yet to try it! When I do I’ll let you know what I think! xx

    1. Yes, please do! I’m still wearing it, as I couldn’t justify buying a new one now. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with it xx

  3. Really like this review post, heard about this mascara but this is the first review I’ve read. Definitely doesn’t sound worth the price tag, I definitely want something smudge proof! I’ve been using a kiko one lately that coat much less and is brilliant!

  4. Oh wow! After all the hype surrounding it and seeing as Benefit’s previous mascaras have been mostly amazing I’m surprised to hear it is not that great! Thanks for this review as I definitely will not be purchasing this now! My lashes can use all the volume they can get haha! xx

    1. Honestly I’ve been cursing it every time I’ve had to put it on. I’m very tempted just go an buy another mascara just so I don’t have to use it again! Xx

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