Pregnancy Update – Week 30 – 32

I’m pretty sure I’ve almost completed my transformation into new born baby, that’s what happens when you get pregnant right? More than regular toilet trips, routine meals and naps needed almost every four hours, I rely on someone else to do everything for me and constantly wanting to cry (hello hormones!).

I’m also now officially at the point where baby peach is totally taking over my entire body. I weight equal to a very large elephant who’s also very pregnant, absolutely delightful. The fact I can’t walk to the corner shop, which is literally on the corner? Again, delightful! When I go over speed bumps in a car, and feel like I’m either going to pop the baby out or throw up anything I’ve eaten for the past two days? DE-BLOODY-LIGHTFUL!

You know what genuinely is delightful though? I’ve had no heart burn for these last few weeks, she seems to have ran out of power on the mini torture flamethrower. Lucky me.

This past week her movements and kicks have been incredible, so powerful and consistent. She has a full little routine now, which is good news it’s so sweet knowing when I’m going to feel her dancing around rather than just randomly hoping to feel something continuously.

We had a small midwife appointment and even she told us we have an active peach in there! She was kicking away whilst the lady was trying to get her heartbeat and measurements. Everything is perfect, according to the midwife. Although she never weighed me, I’m thinking that would have changed her mind! I’m all seriousness though it’s all running smoothly, so fingers crossed our little one will be out when she’s ready and everything will continue to be as calm as it has been up to this point.

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    1. Thanks for commenting.

      That’s my plan, yes. I’ve got a huge phobia of needles so I’ll be avoiding them unless totally necessary. We are crossing our fingers the birth is as straight forward as most of my pregnancy has been.

    1. I know! It’s crazily exciting. Someone who was only 2 weeks ahead of me just gave birth… if that isn’t a wake up call I don’t know what is!

      Thanks for commenting x

  1. Aww I bet you can’t wait to hold her for the first time! These updates are such a good idea, you’ll be able to look back on them but also others in the same position can relate to them too so it’s grest you’re so open and genuine!xx

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