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Glossybox Review – May Daydreamer

For May’s Glossybox we’ve been treated to a range of products that’ll help transport us to a relaxing paradise.

‘Let your worries float away and indulge your senses with this blissfully pampering daydreamer box. That’ll soon have you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud!’


Birchbox Review – May Palm Leaves & Warm Breeze

For the month of May, like the rest of us, Birchbox are looking forward to some warmer and brighter weather and are bringing us birchboxers an energising shower treat and a brightening lip stain, along with three other products. I’m getting real summer vibes from this months box design.

Glossybox, Review

Glossybox Review – April Nostalgia

Until last month I had never tried any beauty or subscription boxes before. In March I decided I wanted to give one a try and chose Glossybox, because it was very pink and pretty. I enjoyed the whole process a lot, the excitement of not knowing what exactly you’re going…

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Birchbox Review – April Birchbox x Cath Kidston

For the month of April Birchbox teamed up with Cath Kidston to celebrate the brands 25th birthday. This collaboration paid off immensely. The design of the box is stunningly decorated with Cath Kidston’s design. Since this is my first ever Birchbox I’m not sure if this is an ongoing thing, but inside smells heavenly. Even my fiancé commented on this when I first opened it.

Pregnancy Updates

Pregnancy Update – Week 34

I’ve been feeling a little defeated this week. Waddling around is taking it out of me. I’ve done something to my foot which makes it painful to use. Morning sickness has me gagging all day and I don’t think I’ve ever been this light headed in all my life. My hands and fingers are even more painful than last week and I just feel like giving in and crying a little.
The negatives have definitely stepped up this week, but as always the positives stack up higher. I’ve only got this feeling for 5(ish) more weeks, which means I’m only going to feel her lovely movements for that long too. So whilst I’m getting a little down from feeling rubbish every time I feel her move it kind of makes up for all of that.


I Heart Revolution Chocolate Rose Gold Review

Makeup Revolution have always been a favourite of mine. If I’m ever looking for something specific I’ll always check their selection first. They come so high on my personal recommendations list due to their more than affordable price, which doesn’t take away from the very impressive quality of their products.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but they seem to be killing the makeup game right now. I went on a little Superdrug trip last week, thinking it was the safer alternative to online shopping, as I always get more than a little carried away (I spent the same amount I would’ve online).
I bought the I Heart Revolution Eggs and since then they’ve become a staple in my daily makeup routine. (I did write a review on those, you can read that here). Since so many of you seemed to enjoy that post I’m sharing a couple of other things I bought.

Pregnancy Updates

Pregnancy Update – Week 30 – 32

I’m pretty sure I’ve almost completed my transformation into new born baby, that’s what happens when you get pregnant right? More than regular toilet trips, routine meals and naps needed almost every four hours, I rely on someone else to do everything for me and constantly wanting to cry (hello hormones!).

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I Heart Revolution Surprise Eggs Review

Happy Easter you lovely little chicks. Last month I picked up three of the new I Heart Revolution surprise eggs. Superdrug has a buy two get one free special offer on, so I purchased the Gold, Rose Gold & Dragon versions for only £10! (£5 each if purchased separately) I left out the Mermaid, Unicorn & Angel ones, only because the other three seemed more up my palette alley (that’s a thing right?).


Benefit BadGAL BANG! Review

I really did want to try this one, the wand is the typical style I enjoy. My money strapped backside hiked on down to Boots to pick one up for myself. £21.50! I don’t think I’ve ever paid over £10 for a mascara and even that is pushing it, but you know if this mascara gives me pretty looking lashes with the minimal effort I put in I’m all for it.