Birchbox Review – July ‘Say Yes! To Adventure’

‘With summer stretching ahead, it’s time to say yes to adventure! Throughout July we’ll be encouraging you to be bold and try something new, however big or small, near or far. That might mean buying those festival tickets, rocking a new hairdo, or stepping outside your beauty comfort zone. Whatever adventure means to you, just remember it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey!’

This is the idea behind this month’s theme and whilst it’s a lovely idea I can’t really see where it ties in to the products.

Last month Birchbox changed up the packaging for a one off keepsake tin in celebration of their 5th birthday. It was a nice surprise as I don’t really rate the usual box style. I’ve previously mentioned they don’t seem to be built to last. This month was another welcome surprise seeing that they’ve changed their normal boxes to something a little sturdier.

Once again this box smelt delicious from the moment I opened it.

Manna Kadar Beauty Long Wear Powder (Trifecta)

‘Ready to throw out the make-up rulebook? This multipurpose powder can be used on cheeks and eyes to add a pop of colour wherever you need it. Formulated with a lightweight texture, it glides on smoothly to deliver a healthy flush to cheeks or pretty definition to eyes.’

This month we had a choice between two wonderful Manna Kadar Beauty long wear powders. ‘Paradise’ a cherry blossom pink and then the shade I chose, ‘Trifecta’ a warm matte bronze. Trifecta is a really nice shade for bronzer, the powder is buildable and doesn’t have the typical orange undertone that I’ve found in a lot of bronzers.

Browcote Waterproof Brow Gel

‘If pesky brow hairs don’t know their place, lock them down with this setting gel. The gel formula grooms brows and adds shine without flaking, clumping, or crunchiness. Use by itself for a natural look or over your favourite brow pencils and powders to give them extra staying power.’

I’ll be honest, I’ve not done anything with my brows for around a year now. Whilst I was pregnant a lot of my beauty regimes went straight out of the window. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing this gel, it made it look like I was purposely growing out my brows and not like I had been a lazy pregnant lady. It’s super easy to use, even if you’re a newbie with brow products.

What’s In It For Me…? Shower Scrub

‘Treat your body to a new lease of life with this exfoliating treat. It is infused with uplifting orange and jasmine flower extracts that linger on your skin, and sweet almond oil to nourish and prevent dryness. Plus, it gently scrubs away dull, dead skin cells with fragments of gritty walnut shells.’

I’ve not used this product yet, but I can’t wait to as it smells delicious and I have seen a lot of good reviews on this brand.

Merci Handy Hand Cream

‘The handiest beauty treat around? A travel-friendly hand cream, of course! Not only is this little tube packed with moisturising ingredients to transform dry skin into soft, soothed hands in no time but it boasts a mouth watering scent too. Oh, and it sinks in quickly so there’s no sticky residue left behind.’

Cherry is one of my favourite scents and this hand cream is like an explosion of cherry. The scent lasts an extremely long time and made my hands smooth without leaving any product or grease behind. I think I’m going to add this to my baby change bag.

Balance Me Skim Serum

‘Even the most diligent skincare routine can’t always prevent a breakout. Fortunately, whether it’s one pimple or a blemish battlefield, this soothing serum works to balance skin and refines pores. Smooth on a thin layer before your moisturiser or dab directly onto blemishes as a spot treatment.’

I’ve extremely sensitive skin so I have to be overly cautious with what I put on my face. I was very happy to find this never irritated my skin in the slightest, infact it soothed my face where I was rather red and irritated. This serum has a lovely lavender smell. I’m excited to purchase this one from the birch store.

Last months box, apart from the tin, wasn’t my favourite, but this month has really pulled it back. I’m going to use every one of the products and may even repurchase a couple too.



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