Birchbox Review – August Live A Life Beautiful

August Birchbox – Live a Life Beautiful

Hello Birchboxers! This August we’re all about embracing the moments that make life happy. Whether that’s catching up with friends or indulging in an at home pamper session, it’s time to celebrate the magic of everyday! To mark the occasion we teamed up with Etsy – the online marketplace that’s committed to building a creative community. Along with the help of 10 of their sellers, this month is guaranteed to help you Live A Life Beautiful…

As with last months theme, it’s a lovely idea it really is, but I can’t see where it ties in with the products. Also, I’m disappointed to see that Birchbox have changed the box style back to the drawer design. This wouldn’t be as disappointing if they’d improved the quality of material so it was sturdier and longer lasting.


Dirty Little Secret Eyeshadow Crayon (Gold Plated)

Who said that perfectly applied eyeshadow requires an arsenal of tools? Not us! With this creamy crayon your fingertips will do the job just fine. Scribble it directly onto your eyelids and blend in for an effortless eye look. It works as a base for powder shadows, a standalone wash of colour, or a radiant highlighter.

I wore this eyeshadow crayon earlier this week when I went to get a wash and blow dry at my hairdressers and even with all the water and messing around it stayed perfectly in place the whole time. The shade is a stunning rose gold with a gentle shimmer and I’m sure it’ll suit pretty much all skin colours.


CLE Cosmetics Melting Lip Powder (Red Cherry)

A truly innovative product, this magic formula transforms from pigmented powder to long wearing tint on application. Using the applicator, blend it directly onto your lips (as you would a lip gloss) and watch as it meshes with your skin for a smudge proof, matte pop of colour. Bonus: it works on cheeks too!

Whilst this is very innovative, the face that inside the tube it’s powder is impressive, I’m not sold on the product itself. I’d say its more of an extremely pigmented, lip gloss that dries almost matte rather than a tint. When I pulled the applicator out powder splashed out and it doesn’t brush off easily because it starts transforming into this innovative liquid formula as soon as it’s out.


Dr. Botanical Sleeping Mask

We love it when a product does all the hard work for us, and even more so if it works overnight! Apply a thin layer of this pomegranate infused treatment on to clean skin before bed and let it absorb while you catch some z’s. The antioxidants will rejuvenate tired skin, so you’ll wake to a glowy, hydrated complextion.

I’ve tried this a few times now and it pretty much works as most sleeping masks do for me. It does blend into the skin nicely and doesn’t leave any residue behind. Whilst it doesn’t smell strongly, the little smell it does have is nice and fruity. I’m pleased with the size of this product too, there is so much product in this little thing.


Model Co Crayon Eye Liner

When getting that precisely defined eye can feel like more hassle than its worth, reach for this foolproof liner. The twist-up pencil (no sharpening required) glides on with ease, boasts serious staying power, and is highly pigmented. Just apply it along the lash line using short strokes, blend out for a smokey finish and you’re done!

Another eyeliner for my mum! She’s going to be thrilled, the amount of eyeliners I’ve receivedĀ in subscription boxes lately, she’ll never have to buy one again. To be fair this is a rather nice one and if I did actually use eyeliners, this would one I’d keep for myself. (I wonder how many more descriptions Birchbox can come up with for applying eyeliners though.)


Bumble And Bumble Hair Styler

Let’s face it – air drying your hair can be a challenge, especially during a heatwave. This creme is changing the game with plant based conditioners that enhance your hairs natural texture and shine without any time under the blow dryer. Just work it through towel dried hair for soft, effortlessly relaxed strands.

I’ve loved every hair product that I’ve received in my Birchbox so far and this hair styler is no different. It smells very fresh and lasts all through the day. Without blow drying my hair was still smooth and tamed once it had naturally dried.


Behind the box design…

This August, we’ve teamed up with TEN incredible ETSY sellers to create a collection of truly joyful box designs. Each one is a visual representation of their individual passions and creativity, specially designed to surprise and delight you – our fabulous Birchboxers.

My box this month was designed by Ambers Textiles and it’s a gorgeous leafy rainforest design with an adorable little sloth on the front. I’m with Ambers Textiles, sloths are definitely my passion too! The design on the front of my box is actually a print that you can purchase from the Etsy store, along with many other gorgeous patterns. I’ve actually favourited the store so when I move house I’ll hopefully be able to purchase a few.

All of the box designs are wonderful and I’m more than pleased with the one I received.



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  1. August 12, 2018 / 2:27 pm

    That face mask sounds amazing and I’m very curious about the lip tint/stain/powder! I’ve recently cancelled Birchbox as I was receiving a lot of the same types of products, but this seems like one of the better ones for sure.

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