Glossybox Review – August Pride Edition

Glossybox Review – August Pride Edition

Hey Glossies… We’re a Glossy community that stand together and embrace individuality. Our special design Pride box is filled with 6 full-size products, which are tailored to help you feel empowered, bold and unique!

Express yourself with an intense, cruelty-free eyeshadow from a brand who encourage diversity and self-expression, a blindingly bright highlighter and some Victoria’s Secret style pampering.

We promote vibrancy, love and liberty in our international Glossy community.

So Glossies, let’s celebrate #LoveisLove…

How could I not love this box? The design is the usual gorgeous baby pink shade with a rainbow spread across the front and the ribbon inside is also the colourful rainbow pattern too.


Rimmel London Stamp and Sticker Tattoos

This duo from Rimmel’s Ink Me range is the perfect way to edge up your look!

Okay, so these two aren’t the most useful things I’ve ever received in a Glossybox, but they are so much fun! The gold stickers are stunning and the stamp makes the most adorable (and long lasting!) little hearts.

Heart Stamp Tattoo

Celebrate #LoveisLove with this heart stamp. The intense, matte black ink dries instantly, so you won’t be late for the party. It will even fit into your clutch bag, so you and your besties can have fun on the way or at the party too.

Sticker Tattoos

Let your imagination run free with these high shine metallic tattoo transfers that are waterproof and last up to 4 days! Simply remove the clear sheet and press the decorated side onto your skin. Hold a wet cloth on top for 30 seconds before slowly peeling back the paper.


Victoria’s Secret Sheet Mask

We’re feeling the rainbow vibes with this nourishing sheet mask made for insa-complexion with perfection. It hugs and contours like a second skin and is formulated with hyaluronic acid to help achieve a flawless base for your makeup. Wash and dry uour face, position the mask, chill out for 15 minutes, remove the mask and massage in the excess product. Ready, set, get glam and go party.

Because this isn’t a resealable sachet I haven’t had the chance to try it out. The packaging is gorgeous though and I really like the rainbow vibes. I’ve never thought of prepping my face with a mask before applying my makeup, but it totally makes sense.


Trifle Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Jam

This multi-tasking lip and cheek jam is the key to getting a healthy, natural flush of colour that will last up to 10 hours! Dab two tiny dots on the apples of your cheeks and lips, then blend with your fingers. Keep it natural and nonchalant, don’t try to be too precise with the application, you’re looking for a youthful and vibrant look. Rest assured, it’s natural, vegan friendly, cruelty-free and organic too!

This is the most adorable little jar I’ve received in a Glossybox! I only wish it performed as good as it looks. You need quite a lot of product to see even the slightest amount of difference and the product itself is rather watery so it blends away with just the touch of your finger. I’m definitely keeping it as the packaging is so sweet, even if it isn’t the greatest.


Kaleido Cosmetics Highlighter

Be as subtle or as vibrant as you fancy with this illuminating, 8-hour highlighter from the fun and fearless Kaleido Cosmetics. We love that it’s 100% cruelty-free, vegan friendly and smells gorgeous too! Dab onto the high points of your face using a beauty blender or brush. For more natural illumination, mix a few dabs with your foundation. Glossies, let’s gleam and glow.

The colour of this highlighter is stunning anf it really gives the nicest shimmer, which I prefer over the glitter look some highlighters give. I’m more likely to use this as an eyeshadow as it is very pigmented and does need a fair bit of blending out.

LRM_EXPORT_20180812_141423.jpg(Not sure why, but the picture looks more purple. The actual product is a very dark blue!)

The Shadow Paint 703

Blue eyeshadow is back! Vanessa Hudgens and Chloe Grace Moretz are just some celebrities rocking blue eye looks right now. We are loving this midnight blue cruelty-free eyeshadow from 3ina, a brand who encourage self-expression through makeup. Highly pigmented, long lasting and waterproof, it’s perfect whether you want a striking look or something more subtle. Apply with an angled brush to line your upper and lower lash line or apply all over the eyelid for a super bold look.

Is it? Is blue eyeshadow really back? You’re going to have to give me some more evidence to that fact before you start seeing me ‘rocking’ blue eyelids! Afterall, I’m certainly no Vanessa Hudgens. 10/10 for fancy packaging, 2/10 for actual use and formula.

All in all I’m happy with this month’s Glossybox. Yes, all the products aren’t for me, but they are fun and I think that’s what this month’s theme was designed to be. I think they nailed it. I’m already super excited for next month.



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