Glossybox Review – Under The Sea

July Glossybox – Under The Sea

‘Aloha Glossies… Get your bikinis at the ready because we’re feeling tropical! We love the ease of holiday beauty – from bronzed skin to the mermaid waves you get after swimming in the ocean. We’re bringing you the delights of the tropics so you can go from the beach to the bar in style.

This month’s edit is filled with beach babe essentials, from an ocean infused wave creator for your hair, to a shimmering makeup brush. Your July edit also features beauty staples including an extraordinary saviour for your teeth, along with a sixth extra treat to protect your skin.

Glossies, let’s dive in.’

I do love the idea behind this month’s theme. The design of the box itself is maybe the best I’ve seen yet. Once again the smell was a fantastic as last months was and the sneak peaks this past couple of weeks have gotten me excited to see what’s inside.

Senhor Do Bonfim Sea Water Hairspray

Sun, sand and sea salt hair spray… this will help you to acheive the beachy mermaid waves you’ve been dreaming of! It’s the perfect heat free curl enhancer for that effortless, windswept ‘I’ve not even tried’ look. After shaking, we recommend spraying onto damp hair and twisting some strands to create more texture. You can also spritz this onto dry hair to reactivate waves and add a beachy texture.

RRP / £16 (50ml)

I’ve not yet had the chance to try this spray, as it doesn’t really fit my needs for a hair product so I won’t be repurchasing.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

Your skin needs balance, especially on holiday. Gently remove toxins and restore your skins natural moisture balance with this foaming cleanser that’s infused with mint and lavender extracts. What’s more, it’s also soap free, cruelty-free and vegan. After dampening your face and hands, gently lather a small amount over your face and neck and rinse with warm water.

RRP / Deluxe mini 50ml worth £11.50, full-size 500ml RRP £49.50

I’m pleased I got to try this mini cleansing gel, after using it I felt like I’d had a spa facial. I’m impressed, very impressed, but couldn’t see myself spending almost £50 for any skin care product. Though I am very very tempted to purchase one!

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof

Jetting off? We all know poolside panda eyes aren’t a good look so we’ve brought you this waterproof mascara that’ll stay put in the pool. Not only will it result in ultra-black lashes, it’s smudge-proof too! The extra-large brush coats each individual lash for extreme volume and length, so you’ll look like you’re wearing falsies. Get fluttering those lashes Glossies!

RRP / £2.80 (12ml)

I’m surprised by this mascara, for the extremely low price I honestly wasn’t expecting too much. I was wrong. This mascara provides a lot more volume than some higher end/priced mascaras do. It’s subtle yet buildable meaning it’s perfect for all occasions plus the added waterproof element is just what’s needed in this heat.

Inuwet Cheek Shell Brush

Calling all mermaids! This simmering shell brush from Korean brand INUWET is a fabulous multi-tasked. With short super soft bristles, it’s perfect for precision contouring, bronzing and highlighting. This gorgeous addition to your makeup bag is also vegan friendly and cruelty free.

RRP / £13.20

Adorable! Simple adorable. Although I don’t contour, bronze or highlight. So, personally, it’s more of a novelty.

Regenerate Enamel Science™ Advanced Toothpaste

Once you’ve tried it you won’t go back. This is the first toothpaste of its kind to regenerate enamel and reversion the early erosion process. The ingredients form a fresh supply of enamel minerals, which wrap around your teeth. For the best results, use this in place of your regular toothpaste.

RRP / Deluxe mini 14ml worth £2.50, full-size 75ml RRP £10

Okay, okay. Every toothpaste I’ve tried that claims to do something new and scientific 1. Tastes totally awful, as I’m has me spitting it into the sink before I can even start brushing and 2. If I’ve actually managed to stand the taste, it’s left a horrible feeling in my mouth and not felt clean afterwards anyway. This advanced toothpaste is different. I didn’t have to push myself to finishing brushing because it tastes like a regular toothpaste and isn’t overpowering. I’ve used this for three days, twice a day, and my mouth feels clean and fresh. After brushing my teeth feel incredibly smooth. I’m looking forward to buying the full size product and seeing the results.

Plus, the past itself is sparkly which for me even if it wasn’t as nice as it is if have been wanting to repurchase.

Hawaiin Tropic Duo Defense Sun Lotion SPF 30

We’ve included a little EXTRA treat for the summer months! This new sun lotion not only contains high UV protection, but also includes an anti-pollution layer for ‘duo defense’. Infused with green tea extract, mango, guava, papaya and passion fruit, it instantly transports you to the tropics. Remember to apply sun lotion 20 minutes before sun exposure and reapply frequently.

RRP / Sachet 7.4ml, full-size 18ml RRP £14.99

This smells blooming fantastic, but I’m thoroughly disappointed it comes in a sachet as I couldn’t use a little on my face to try it and pop it back in my bag for later.

Initially I thought this was going to be one of my favourite boxes, but I’ve not been impressed with much from this months box. I do appreciate that I am getting to try a load of new things I wouldn’t usually purchase myself, which I guess what these kinds of subscription boxes are for.

If you’re looking to subscribe to Glossybox click here to recieve 20% off of your first box. This also helps me out too.


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  1. July 22, 2018 / 8:53 am

    I love sea salt spray with my new bob so I’m going to look at this as not a brand I’m familiar with, I currently use Birchbox but think I might swap for a change

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