I Heart Revolution Chocolate Rose Gold Review

Makeup Revolution have always been a favourite of mine. If I’m ever looking for something specific I’ll always check their selection first. They come so high on my personal recommendations list due to their more than affordable price, which doesn’t take away from the very impressive quality of their products.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but they seem to be killing the makeup game right now. I went on a little Superdrug trip last week, thinking it was the safer alternative to online shopping, as I always get more than a little carried away (I spent the same amount I would’ve online).

I bought the I Heart Revolution Eggs and since then they’ve become a staple in my daily makeup routine. (I did write a review on those, you can read that here). Since so many of you seemed to enjoy that post I’m sharing a couple of other things I bought.

First and most importantly this gorgeous Chocolate Rose Gold eyeshadow palettes. I spotted this, but could only find the tester at first and spent almost 10 minutes looking amongst the other palettes trying to find the right one. Luckily for me I had my fiancé with me, who’s so blooming useful when it comes to shopping. He’s honestly the best shopping budding to have. He managed to find the last one of these that the shop had!

As you can see the packaging is yet more chocolate themed. Is it just me that’s getting a little bored of this aesthetic now? Because it’s Rose Gold I looked past that and the face that it smells similar to the last bar of chocolate you’ve got left after Easter. It’s not gross, but it doesn’t make me want to eat the palette (which I guess is actually a good thing anyway).

When you open up the palette the colours really do each stand out. Included are 16 different shades, 8 of which are matte and 8 are shimmers. The formula is typical of Revolution eyeshadows, smooth, easy to blend and extremely buildable. Personally for me I get virtually no fallout with this palette and even then it’s only a little shimmer from the none matte shades.

Even just applying one light layer you do get a lot of colour so if you’re wanting a more suitable natural look start with just a light touch and build the colour up. Especially since the shades are mostly deep, muted colours. At only £8, it’s surprising how this palette appears and ‘performs’ like a much higher end product. My favourites shade has got to be ‘Barbie’ which is this stunning muted pink, with a striking gold tone. It’s possibly the prettiest shade I’ve owned.

(Side note, but what’s with those little sponge applicators so many brands include in the packaging? Do any of you actually use them? I’d love if most of them started included a brush instead, because these usually end up somewhere under my bed).

Whilst we are talking Revolution I’m just going to throw in a little about this Pro Fix, Fixing Spray. I’ve been using this for a little while now and can really tell the difference on days when I skip the fixing spray. It’s very fast drying and really does keep my makeup in place longer. My foundation holds it place all day, even with the rain we’ve been having here.

The only kind of negative I have about it is the smell. It has a sort of glue like smell to it. Luckily the smell only last a couple of seconds, but it’s definitely a surprise initially. Thankfully it doesn’t make your face smell like that.


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