Pregnancy Update – Week 40

It’s funny, you spend 9 – 10 months of your pregnancy doing everything you can to keep your baby safely inside. Then the due date starts edging closer and you begin doing more and more to persuade the little one to come out. Long walks, spicy meals and a bunch of wiggling around. My midwife recommended having a sweep, having sex and getting some nipple stimulation. (If that was even close to a possibility our little one would have flew out weeks ago!) I was convinced Peachy Girl was just going to drop out on her due date and everything would be fine, (future Hannah here, it wasn’t!) but here I am 40+4, getting ever closer to having to be induced and more than ever cheering our little girl out.

Either way it’s not going to be long at all until we see our daughter for the first time. Nerves, excitement and every other emotion have taken over and I’m barely functioning anymore. Crazy to think this will be the last pregnancy update I post.


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