Pregnancy Update – Week 34

I’ve been feeling a little defeated this week. Waddling around is taking it out of me. I’ve done something to my foot which makes it painful to use. Morning sickness has me gagging all day and I don’t think I’ve ever been this light headed in all my life. My hands and fingers are even more painful than last week and I just feel like giving in and crying a little.
The negatives have definitely stepped up this week, but as always the positives stack up higher. I’ve only got this feeling for 5(ish) more weeks, which means I’m only going to feel her lovely movements for that long too. So whilst I’m getting a little down from feeling rubbish every time I feel her move it kind of makes up for all of that.

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I Heart Revolution Chocolate Rose Gold Review

Makeup Revolution have always been a favourite of mine. If I’m ever looking for something specific I’ll always check their selection first. They come so high on my personal recommendations list due to their more than affordable price, which doesn’t take away from the very impressive quality of their products.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but they seem to be killing the makeup game right now. I went on a little Superdrug trip last week, thinking it was the safer alternative to online shopping, as I always get more than a little carried away (I spent the same amount I would’ve online).
I bought the I Heart Revolution Eggs and since then they’ve become a staple in my daily makeup routine. (I did write a review on those, you can read that here). Since so many of you seemed to enjoy that post I’m sharing a couple of other things I bought.

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Working With What You’ve Got – New Blog Tips

I’m pretty sure we’ve all dealt with feeling worried about not being good enough when it comes to blogging. Are our pictures going to look good enough? Will our posts be interesting enough? Am I going to have to spend buy the most extravagant things to make sure my blog is perfect enough? Questions, questions, questions. Let’s be honest though, like everything else in life it’s all relative. Things you’d […]

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